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Our story

Fleet Data presently sub-contracts to a 60.63% black youth-owned enterprise known as Rikatec (Pty) Limited. Rikatec is a technology company that focuses on information management systems for vehicles. The business was founded by two South African young entrepreneurs whilst studying at the University of Cape Town in 2013. Rikatec uses big data and machine learning to predict and detect vehicle breakdowns in less than 5 minutes, predictive maintenance, vehicle wear & tear, vehicle resale value and driver profiling and driving ratings. This is done through remote diagnostics performed by a Rikatec device on the vehicle every 3 seconds sending the big data received in real time to back-end systems for advanced analytics on the data. Once a fault is detected, Rikatec can communicate which part of the vehicle is at fault and what went wrong. In addition, Rikatec will link vehicle owners to the nearest registered help option within a 10-km radius of the fault. Furthermore, Rikatec prides itself in new ways of working through its ability of creating and digitizing current traditional systems.

The vision behind Rikatec’s information management systems is to leverage Artificial Intelligence and become the dominant player in the internet of things (IOT) when it comes to vehicles. Should the consortium be successful, Rikatec will benefit from a sub-contractor relationship in certain specialist areas. The Consortium will benefit from Rikatec’s ‘information management systems’ by introducing mobile interconnectivity in vehicles. The machine learning allows Rikatec to detect trends within different vehicles showing, inter alia: driver behaviour, vehicle health, engine stress, wear & tear and driver profile creation. This facilitates improved prediction of vehicle longevity, assistance in determining insurance and warranty premiums and can assist in enhancing resale value of motor vehicles.

Rikatec prides itself with its young and energetic culture, where stakeholders are free to make their dreams a reality. We believe in dreamers and empowering our stakeholders to achieve in all they do. Making the “impossible” possible through technology is our primary mandate.