Vehicle & Fleet Owners

Take advantage of Big Data and Advanced Analytics

·         Monitor and Modify driver behaviour, which assists in improving driver safety and vehicle health status.

·         Reduce the overall operational costs of the fleet.

·         Predict and detect vehicle breakdowns

·         Accurate wear and tear analysis

·         Be proactive through Predictive Maintenance and plan operationally

·         Keep the vehicle on the road at all times

Track and monitor vehicle health status, location, activity and driver safety and security by predicting and detecting vehicle breakdowns

Rikatec informs vehicle owners through a reliable source of accurate real-time information about their fleet’s usage and optimal ways to reduce usage costs.

Rikatec technology is able to monitor driver behaviours, such as speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, throttle position and engine pressure. These parameters are important due to the implications they have on safety, maintenance, wear & tear, operating standards and costs

Rikatec will provide you with periodic reports of your vehicle data which will assist when making corrective measures on your daily driving and vehicle health.

Rikatec uses GPS technology to assist vehicle and fleet owners with route optimization and region geo-fencing.


  • Consumers can receive dynamic insurance premiums based on driving habits
  • Insurance companies can improve profits by reducing claims and fraud on accident claims
  • Gain more insight and improve customer relationships
  • Rewards and rebates powered by Rikatec’s driver score and risk profiling
  • Assisting insurance companies with claims assessments through Rikatec’s real-time diagnostics

Rikatec makes use of accurate real-time data derived from the vehicle, advanced analytics and algorithms to analyse a drivers actual driving behaviour for Driver Risk Profiling.

Rikatec lets the vehicle rate you and believes that how you treat your vehicle should be the significant determining factor of your insurance premium fair to both the insurer and the insured.

Vehicle Financiers

Creating Opportunities for lease finance products – helping financiers save costs and reduce risk by granting them insight into their leased vehicles information which includes driving behaviour, vehicle health status, location, kilometres travelled, wear & tear and data-driven insights on the vehicle’s resale value.

Rikatec assists with asset risk mitigation through vehicle health scoring, actual usage wear & tear, driver risk profiling and access to accurate real-time data that enables financiers to make informed decisions on the asset.

Enabling banks to tap into the pre-owned vehicle market as most of those vehicles are sold without guarantee or warrantee plans, the data provided by Rikatec enables banks to increase the mileage and year in existence range of vehicles eligible for financing, widening the pool of potential customers.

Vehicle Warranty – Cutting warranty and service costs through modification of driver behaviour and improved vehicle health status.

Making vehicle warranty a more personalised product tailor-made to each unique customer’s needs by taking advantage of big data, machine learning and advanced analytics.

Predictive Maintenance

Using accurate real-time data and advanced analytics to monitor vehicle parts Wear & Tear and overall vehicle health status, the Rikatec helps drivers know when their vehicle is due for service or which parts are wearing quicker and when they will need to be changed. Giving vehicle and fleet owners the advantage of proactivity when it comes to dealing with mechanical issues, reducing the probability of mechanical faults and keeping the vehicle on the road for longer. The Rikatec predictive maintenance offering assists owners and companies to plan operationally when it comes to fleet maintenance and management.

The predictive element is enhanced by the Rikatec’s machine learning capabilities providing trend analysis and lead-on codes captured from the data sent by the Rikatec device….

Breakdown Prediction and Detection

The Rikatec device performs remote diagnostics in real-time and get alerts on all on-board diagnostic codes, both trouble and parameter identifying diagnostic codes Using diagnostic trouble codes and accurate real-time data, Rikatec is able to not only detect a vehicle breakdown but also predict breakdowns and provide the driver with the nearest help option such as a repair service centre or towing company. The service centre is given accurate information through a diagnostic report sent remotely to the service provider by the 24-hour call centre agent. This efficient service reduces repair turnaround times as the service provider has information on the fault before the vehicle arrives.

Driver Behaviour & Ratings

Risk Profiling

Rikatec provides accurate data relating to driving habits and health status of vehicles in order to help identify high risk and low-risk profiles. Merging driving habits and vehicle health, Rikatec is able to prevent and correct driving behaviour by reporting in real-time how the vehicle is being used. This system can also be used for driver training, rewards and penalties for fleet owners.

Improving driver behaviour on the road…

  • Tracking
  • Route mapping
  • Geo-fencing

Harnessing the power of GPS technology to accurately track and locate your vehicle…

Pre-plan optimal routes for your fleet, detect and reduce vehicle misuse. Rikatec can locate the vehicles and enhance fleet managers and owners in setting controls of the movement of their fleet.

Rikatec provides detailed reports on fleet trips stating what routes were taken, how many stops are made by the driver and where, how long each vehicle trip is, the driver behaviour during each trip and the health status of the vehicle.

Rikatec enables owners to geo-fence the movement of their vehicles and can alert the owners when the vehicle exits the geo-fenced area.

Vehicle Wear & Tear

Know the Accurate resale value of your vehicle…

Information on the resale value through a depreciation rate from the initial cost price can be determined from the analytics of the way in which the vehicle has been driven, real-time data from the remote diagnostic and through Rikatec’s proprietary algorithms.

The depreciation rate is determined by proprietary Rikatec algorithms which categorize the aforementioned. Giving individuals, financiers and auction companies an estimation of the worth of their vehicle.

When cars are monitored by Rikatec, a pricing model based on the following

may be determined:

  • Real live data of the vehicle being driven
  • Merging driving behaviour and vehicle scores
  • Annual wear & tear percentage from data transmitted and the history of the vehicle

Accurate Real-Time Data

Enhancing proactivity…

Eyes on your fleet…

Rikatec uses GPS and GSM technology that allows us to get signal and communication from even across South African borders.