Rikatec is an information management system for vehicles.

Our products and services predict and detect vehicle breakdowns, simultaneously providing a connection to the nearest help option within 5 minutes of detection.

We also provide predictive maintenance for fleets, monitor driving habits, wear & tear and use big data and advanced analytics to provide valuable information that can help reduce operational costs.

Rikatec uses real time data and artificial intelligence to provide tailor made solutions for our clients. Our products and services can be used in vehicles manufactured after 1996 to date.

Our vision is to become the internet of things in providing innovative solutions to our clients, providing efficiency and enhancing optimal use of their vehicles.

Fleet Management

Rikatec is able to connect directly to a vehicles system in order to:

  • Monitor Driving Habits.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Pre-Plan optimal routes.
  • Ensure that vehicles remain on route and are only used for company purposes.
  • Determine when vehicles will arrive at destinations.
  • Provide driver ratings and create profiles for drivers based on their driving habits.
  • Measure fleet vehicle wear & tear accurately.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

Vehicle Rental Companies

When cars are monitored by Rikatec, a pricing model based on the following may be determined:

  • Real live data of the vehicle being driven.
  • Driving habits of the current driver.
  • The projections for wear and tear from data transmitted and history of the vehicle.

Knowing that they are being monitored through the devices feedback capabilities,  will encourage drivers to use the vehicle with more care. This in turn may result in reduced cost in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance and safety of the vehicle.

Private Vehicle Owners

Individual car owners are put in a difficult position when a vehicle breaks down inexplicably. This is a disruption to the whole day, while proving costly and tedious to resolve. Rikatec is able to predict or detect a breakdown, saving you significant costs by detecting the smaller problems that may lead to a major breakdown. Should a breakdown occur, our system is able to attend to the problem efficiently and attentively.

Accurate vehicle resale value

Information on the resale value through a depreciation rate from the initial cost price can be determined from the analytics of the way in which the vehicle has been driven, if it has had breakdowns and accidents. The depreciation rate is determined by Rikatec algorithms which categorizes the aforementioned, giving the consumer an estimation of the worth of their vehicle if they wanted to trade it in.

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