What is Rikatec

Rikatec is a technology company that focuses on information management systems for vehicles.

Rikatec uses big data and machine learning for vehicle predictive maintenance, to predict and detect vehicle breakdowns in less than 5 minutes, vehicle wear & tear for resale values ,creates driver profiles and ratings as well as tracking and route-mapping. This is done through remote diagnostic performed on the vehicle every second by the Rikatec devices and sending the big data received to our back-end systems for advanced analytics on the data.

The idea of Rikatec was developed with the objective of enhancing and improving vehicle communication with owners and other industry players in the value chain such as: maintenance, insurance, financiers, fleet management and warrantees. This is achieved by harnessing the power of GPS, mobile technology, and diagnostic data in vehicles to develop products and services that aim to reduce vehicle owners running costs and fleet companies’ operational costs.